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Best Laid Plans …

July 29, 2017

Kirksville Missouri – Menards Project.  I get the phone call on Thursday wanting to know if I wanted to run here and take a look at the rebar to insure that it matches the rebar passing from the footing to the Walls.  It was originally just drive here, take a good look and go home.  Then it turned into run to Kirksville and plan to stay there until sometime on Sunday.  Well, everything that was planned for this weekend didn’t work out for the contractors, and the need to have me here Sunday has been cancelled.  So, here I sit in Kirksville watching the concrete people placing the concrete for the footings, and as soon as they finish I can start for home.

This weekend was supposed to be reserve for me to start moving to the new place in Odessa.  When I left for Kirksville on Thursday, I thought I had it worked out so that I could have Monday off to move some of the larger stuff that needs to go, but that has changed as well.  Monday and Tuesday mornings – 4am concrete placement for slabs.  That means early to bed on Sunday, Monday, and likely Tuesday as I will have to be up and on the move between 2 and 2:30 in the morning to make the job on time.

And as I sit here and watch the work progressing, looking around and watching the different locations that the Concrete Trucks are cleaning up, I can’t help but reflect on a joke I was told about truck drivers.

What does a Truck Driver and a Refrigerator have in common?
When you close the doors, all the lights go out.

And these drivers are living up to it.