The undefeated Sioux City Bandits took the lead in the first half of the game and never looked back, beating the Phantoms 62 to 35.  The Bandits clearly have a good team.  Their status clearly show that they had the upper hand.  And let’s be as fair as we can be.  The Phantoms are a new team, we apparently haven’t figured out our strengths and weaknesses to the point where we are ready to compete with the top teams.  Or so it would appear.

David Olson, four interceptions.  18 of 35 in passing for 135 yards and no touchdowns.  You can’t win games if you can’t hit your receivers, and watching the game on I didn’t get the impression that the problem was coverage.  That became even more evident when David was pulled from the game in the Third Quarter and Frank Seurer took over and went 7 for 13, three touchdowns, and NO interceptions.  He even carried 7 times for 26 yards.  Unfortunately, the damage had already been done and the Bandits continued their dominance over the game.

Now, what the hell?  Opening kick off of the second half, the kicker, #19 Dallas Herndon, clipped the ball.  He got just enough of it to roll it GENTLY off of the team to the one yard line where a member of the Bandits immediately picked it up and took it into the endzone for a touch down.  Worse yet, he apparently didn’t realize that he had missed the kick as he stood looking down the field instead of trying to down the ball.  I don’t  know what could have been done, with the ball on the one yard line, one or two plays and its a touchdown, but it wouldn’t have been as embarrassing.   All I know was that it was the beginning of the end for me watching the game.  Olson tossed his fourth interception which was carried back the entire length of the field and I was done.

Next game is Saturday – April 1st at the Independence Event Center.  We are playing the Bloomington Edge (again), and we can all hope that the team has learned something from their loss in Sioux City.

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