So I found myself in beautiful Linn Missouri (sigh).  Not a lot to do here but go to class.  Took off at 4:30am on Monday morning to make the two hour drive to this little hamlet about 25 miles east of Jefferson City on US 50 Hwy.  Found my way to class, and then at lunch, started the process of settling in for the night.

There is ONE hotel in Linn Missouri.  I guess I could have driven into Jefferson City, but I went ahead and got a room at the Stone Hearth Hotel by the school I was taking class at.  Hey, I got my AARP discount!  And he even tossed in a room upgrade for me.  NICE ROOM!  Internet was a bit sketchy, and on this trip that was an problem with Verizon barely connected in the area.

MoDot Aggregate Tech Class … ZZZzzzzzz.  Death by Power Point.  8 hours of slides on day one followed by a written exam and practical exam on day two.  But it isn’t the class that made the trip interesting.  It was sitting in Linn Missouri, away from my wife while a Tornado passed within a half-mile of my house, then as storms focused on my daughter’s place south of Warrensburg.

There was a moment when I was ready to jump in the company truck and head for Kansas City.  I knew from what Internet connection I had that a Tornado had passed through Oak Grove Missouri and missed my house by a half mile.  Power was out, and if it hadn’t been clearly over fro the night, I would have likely hit the road for home.  Instead, I sat up until Midnight and watched this line of storms work its way across Missouri towards me.  I watched as the storms finally started to weaken, the worst going north of me and staying well south.

The following morning, it was get things done, get the hell out of Linn and get home!

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