New Communications Setup

August 12, 2017

So, I mentioned it in my geocaching blog that I was in the process of moving.  With that situation comes a need to change my entertainment and internet options.  Now, for the past however many years it’s been I’ve been dealing with Centurylink DSL, and analog Direct TV.  Direct TV has been okay, I really can’t complain.  But I can complain about the service I have receive from Centurylink.  To be frank, Centurylink DSL out here in the country sucks.  10mb down is more along the lines of 7 to 8.  Then there is the pricing.  You make a deal with them, and when the deal runs out, no warning, your bill goes from 45 or 50 a month to 80 or 85 a month.  Work out a deal, its not that good.  So, with the move I did my homework and here is how it worked out.

CenturyLink has a monopoly on DSL and phone service in my area.  So when you try to deal with Direct TV and their bundle packages you don’t have many options.  But CenturyLink offered up a deal for DSL and Direct TV.  When it all shook out, I was looking at around 160 a month for basic Satellite and 50mb internet.

Let’s talk Xfinity.  The jury is still out.  I have not seen the first bill.  I have heard about taxes and extras, but we’ll see what happens on the first bill.

Three year deal.  Premium Cable Package – 250mb Internet – Digital Home Phone … 120 per month, 137 after all taxes are added on.  That was the quote.  Three year price guarantee, two year agreement.  More bang for the buck and a lower price.  We will see how this all shakes out in the long run, there will always be Direct TV.

So, 72 hours in …

Speed Tests on the internet on two different computers.  Desk Top I’m getting 45 to 55 mb down.  Laptop is getting 135 to 150 mb down.  There’s a little bit of lag in system, but so far its better than I am used to.  I will be doing some tweaking on the system to see if I can get my speeds up.

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