Arena Football Returns to Kansas City.  Okay, it’s not the Arena Football League we all remember from back when the  Brigade and Command played in Kansas City.  But then, the old Arena Football League (AFL) is nothing like the original league.  But it’s Arena Football and that means fast paced, high scoring, and sometime aggravating.

Welcome the Kansas City Phantoms, the latest addition to the Champions Indoor Football League (CIF).  And welcome to the Silverstein Eye Center (Independence Event Center) Arena, a smaller, and somewhat more comfortable option to Arena football at the Sprint Center in Downtown Kansas City.

So, let’s talk Phantoms…

First things first, you’re going to notice a few changes in how the game goes down.  The coaches standing in the backfield calling out tot he players.  Two men in motion prior to the snap of the ball for pass plays, and the linebacker rules are different which allows for more running plays.  There is NO  NET at the end of the field, so you can’t bounce the ball off the net on the kick-off.  The receiving team MUST get the ball out of the  end zone on the  kick off.   If you don’t get the ball out of the end zone, the kicking team receives one point!

Yeah, there are some changes, and as I get used to the new rules, I will likely point them out.

The team’s debut into the league was a home game.  The team came out strong and it looked like we were going to open with a win.  Unfortunately, we lost momentum (ran out of gas more likely) and the opening night ended up being a loss against the Bloomington Edge.

Game two against the West Michigan Ironmen went better as the Phantoms took the lead and held it all the way to the end for their first franchise win.  Just a note for those who a really wanting to track the team’s play, you can watch the road games for free on

So, up next is undefeated Sioux City this coming Saturday night.  Again, catch the game on, and if you don’t already have your tickets, get ready for the return of the Bloomington Edge on Saturday April 1st at the Event Center in Independence.

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