A New Start

Well, we will see how this works (smile).  The days of living our lives for Scouting are over.  It is now time to get out and do things that we haven’t been able to do within the limitations of Scouting.  Time to do a little travelling and see places that we are really interested in.  Yes, we loved working with the youth in Scouting.  We have never complained about working with the youth.  It’s the parents that make you wonder why you put in so much time.

So, where we go…

Training In Denver


I have done a bit of travelling as a part of my work in the Construction Services Industry.  I have traveled out of town for classes, and I have traveled out of town for job sites.  My trip to Denver was the first time that I actually flew out of town for either.

Post-Tensoning Level I – Certification Class.  It is one of those certifications that may or may not develop into a pain in the ass in the long run.  I have done Post-Tensioning Inspections on Slabs in the past, but what I was about to be introduced to was a completely new nightmare.  Not that complicated, just detailed and a lot of it.

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MoDot Class – Linn Missouri

So I found myself in beautiful Linn Missouri (sigh).  Not a lot to do here but go to class.  Took off at 4:30am on Monday morning to make the two hour drive to this little hamlet about 25 miles east of Jefferson City on US 50 Hwy.  Found my way to class, and then at lunch, started the process of settling in for the night.

There is ONE hotel in Linn Missouri.  I guess I could have driven into Jefferson City, but I went ahead and got a room at the Stone Hearth Hotel by the school I was taking class at.  Hey, I got my AARP discount!  And he even tossed in a room upgrade for me.  NICE ROOM!  Internet was a bit sketchy, and on this trip that was an problem with Verizon barely connected in the area. Continue reading “MoDot Class – Linn Missouri”